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The band features world class musicians: Drew Harrison, as the voice of John Lennon, Tiran Porter, Tim Gorman, Chris Solberg, Bobby Strickland, Donn Spindt, Mike Shiplet, & Bob Lewis - former or current members of such groups as The Doobie Brothers, The Who, Jefferson Starship, Santana, Grateful Dead, Todd Rundgren, The Rubinoos, The RaveUps, White Album Ensemble & The Sun Kings.

The world never had the opportunity to see and hear a full-length concert of John Lennon performing songs from his entire solo catalogue. Plastic Fauxno Band respectfully and energetically brings that concert to the stage.  


Drew Harrison - Lead Vocals, Guitar


Chris Solberg - Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Tiran Porter - Bass, Vocals

Donn Spindt - Drums, Vocals

Tim Gorman - Keys

Bobby Strickland - Bari and Alto Sax, Flute, Vocals

Mike Shiplet - Percussion

Bob Lewis - Guitar